Application Status

Last Update: 5/9/2022 2:10 pm

There are no known issues with any school systems at this time.  To report an issue please send email to [email protected] with the date and time of the problem, and any details that you think might help.

5/9/22 - Frontline Absence Management was down, now up. Seems to be a bit sluggish, but operational.

3/16/2022 - PowerSchool was down from 11:35-11:45.

3/14/2022 - Talent Ed and Employee Records were down until ~9:12 am, now back up.

12/29/2021 - PowerSchool and internet work complete as of 6pm.

12/14/2021 - PowerSchool restarted after maintenance for cve-2021-44228 Log4j

10/10/2021 - Restored PowerSchool database from 10/8 to restore grades from previous week lost by the 10/8 upgrade. Consequently, lost grades entered 10/9 & 10/10. Scott Henderson has them in a spreadsheet.

10/8/2021 - PowerSchool was successfully upgraded to 21.4

9/23/2021 - Student PowerSchool mobile app issue has been resolved, mobile app working for students.

9/20/2021 - PowerSchool was down ~8:32am-8:43am.

2/16/2021 - PowerSchool maintenance was completed successfully.

2/12/2021 - Munis ESS (Employee Self Service) is back up and operational as of 8am.

2/11/2021 - The issue sending Direct Deposit Notification emails has also been resolved. If you get those, you should have received one on Feb 11.