Nursing/Health Services

School Health

The Westborough school district nurses are dedicated to maintaining optimal health and wellness for the school community. Children learn best when they feel safe, are attentive, energetic and well.  School nurses strive to ensure that students are ready to learn by helping to prevent, identify and resolve health related factors which interfere with learning.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is given in school for injuries, illnesses and other medical conditions until parents can be reached.
Student health information must be updated every year in the online Power School Parent/Guardian Portal (link is below). Please be sure that both Parents’/Guardians’ work/cell numbers are listed. Also, list two people who would be able to pick up your child in the event of illness or injury if you are not available. Listing their name gives us permission to dismiss your child to their care. In the event of illness or injury, a child can be released only to Parents/Guardians or a responsible adult on the emergency contacts list.
If you change jobs or home/cell phone number during the school year, remember to update your new number(s) in the online PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal.
Link to PowerSchool parent portal:
Please call us at any time with problems or concerns.  Have a happy, healthy, and safe school year.