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Where's My Kid app

Where's my kid app

Where Is My Kid is a bus tracking and parent communication app, available for iPhone, Android, and desktop, which shows the live locations and directions of student buses.

Things you'll need when installing and using the app

1. The School District access code is WBORO10

2. When you're asked to enter your Student ID, it is an eight-digit number. You can find your student's four or five-digit number on the Key Info screen in the PowerSchool parent portalPreface your student's number with 321 or 3210 to make it an eight-digit number. For example, if your student's number is 4444, enter 3210444. If your student's number is 55555, enter 32155555.

3. When inputting bus numbers a W must be before the bus number. (The bus number is located on the back bumper of the bus.) E.g. W then number, WS then number, or WHB02, Westborough Half Bus #2.)

Download, installation, account creation, and usage instructions

4. Download the application on your phone, and create your account. Instructions:
iPhone - English | Android - English | iPhone - Spanish | Android - Spanish

5. Usage instructions:
iPhone - English | Android - English | iPhone - Spanish | Android - Spanish

Please note

  • The app requires a 24 hour reset in the system. (I.e. it may not function properly until a day after you sign up.) 
  • You are likely to receive multiple notifications each morning and afternoon. This is a GPS-based app and therefore, every time your bus travels through the radius you have set up, a notification is sent. This means you will see three sets of notifications for three separate bus runs your bus completes in the morning and afternoon.
  • The app will not be applicable to students during the summer, or to students who attend preschool, walk to school, ride a minibus, or are temporarily on a combined bus route.
  • Technical issues - The app has a link for help:
  • The bus app itself is in English and Spanish only.
  • The app is provided by our transportation company, North Reading Transportation (NRT). We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with NRT and the Where is My Kid application.