Dear Families,

Thank you for viewing this webpage to learn about the curriculum at WHS. We are very fortunate to have a community that strongly supports comprehensive curriculum offerings in our high school. We enjoy a school facility that is second to none, and the community’s generous investment in public education demands that each of us make the very best use of the opportunities provided.  

The high school's curriculum is developed to ensure we are true to our mission statement.  The statement reads:

Effective teaching and learning balances content and skills, encouraging critical and creative thinking. This requires expectations that challenge all community members to work hard to achieve their greatest potential. We need to communicate effectively and encourage the use of appropriate tools and technologies to share ideas and solve problems. By keeping an open mind while engaging and collaborating with our diverse population, we foster acceptance, appreciation and ultimately empathy. We strive to be responsible, informed citizens who make ethical decisions and honor our commitments. Every member of this community can achieve the greatest academic, civic and social growth by following these beliefs.

The wide variety of course we offer at the high school are spread out across the following 11 academic departments:  

  1. Business

  2. Computer Science

  3. English

  4. Family and Consumer Science

  5. Fine Arts

  6. Engineering Technology

  7. Mathematics

  8. Physical Education, Health & Wellness

  9. Science

  10. Social Studies

  11. World Language

I encourage you to read through our WHS Program of Studies so that you can view descriptions of our course offerings and learn about our graduation requirements.  In addition, to learn even more about our high school I encourage you to read the WHS School Profile.  

Best Wishes, Mr. Brian M. Callaghan Principal

. . . . . . . . . . . .