English Language Learners ELL

 Welcome to Westborough's Programs for English Language Education!


The Westborough English Language Education Program serves K-12 students through a variety of programs. Over 250 students speaking approximately 40 languages attend our schools. These students add rich diversity and new perspectives to our classrooms.
Our Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Westborough Public Schools English Language Education Department is to empower students of all cultures to achieve academic success and become responsible, 
productive and contributing members of a global society.
Our Goals are:

To help students to acquire the English language as quickly as possible so that they can fully access the core curriculum in English.
 To seek active partnerships with diverse families and to provide access to resources for those families.

Westborough's English Language Learners remain at their home school and are part of the basic education classes and school environment. They receive assistance in learning their new language from our ELL teachers and tutors. We have ELL classes as well as specific time for one-on-one or small group tutoring. Students receive in-class or pull-out tutoring assistance. ELL support focuses on language development and supports content learning from the regular classroom.  

Please take time to look through the content on this website. We have resources in many languages for students, parents and teachers. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see! 

Program Director:  Latisha Broomfield