23-24 Kindergarten Registration

If you are a Westborough resident and have a child who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2023, he or she is eligible to enter our free full day kindergarten program in the fall of 2023. The program runs daily from 8:50 3:05 p.m. We are excited to meet your child and provide him or her with an exceptional educational experience. 

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>>>   Are you in the right year?  This is for the 23-24 school year.  <<<

Step 1: Please click here to complete the online registration form.

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Step 2: Complete then contact Donna Latraverse for an appointment to submit the following forms by April 1st: 

  1. Student Developmental History (click here to download)

  2. Home Language Survey (click here to download)
  3. Preschool History Form - If your child attended preschool, please have the preschool complete the Preschool History Form (click here to download).

  4.  Proof of Residency Documents (click here)
  5. Student Health History (click here to download)

  6. Medical Requirements (click here) If you need the school physical or immunizations, but do not yet have a pediatrician, see this list of providers and Mass Health information local health care providers.

  7. Your child’s ORIGINAL birth certificate OR passport if your child was born outside of the US we will need the original passport

  8. A valid parent/guardian photo ID (will not accept an expired one)

  9. If applicable Legal guardianship/MA caregiver affidavit documents(Click Here to download) This is to designate another person as a caregiver of your child.

  10. If applicable Legal/physical custody orders/separation agreement.

Once you have completed ALL the forms and have the required documents please contact our Registrar Donna Latraverse : - 508-836-7700 ext. 2024

Additional Information

If you will need before and after-school care, click here for information about our Community Education Programs.

The Town of Westborough would also appreciate your annual Town Census, if you have not yet submitted that. You can find it on the Town Clerk page here

If you have questions regarding the registration process, or our kindergarten program, please contact your child's school at the numbers listed below or Donna Latraverse at: [email protected] or 508-836-7700 ext. 2024.

Armstrong Elementary: 508-836-7760
Fales Elementary: 508-836-7700
Hastings Elementary: 508-836-7750