Application Status

Last Update: 3/4/2024 7:20 am

There are no known issues with any school systems at this time.  To report an issue please send email to [email protected] with the date and time of the problem, and any details that you think might help.


3/4/2024 - ~7:20am.  PowerSchool is back up, but it had been unresponsive since some point on Saturday, as indicated by Saturday night's failed nightly exports.

2/11/2024 - ~3pm.  PowerSchool is back up, but it had been unresponsive since some point on Saturday, as indicated by Saturday night's failed nightly exports.

2/9/2024 - 2:45 pm Frontline Absence Management is experiencing system inaccessibility: "We are currently addressing an issue with our system that is prevent users from being able to log in. Our team is actively working on a resolution, and we appreciate your understanding during this time."

5/30/23 - 9:30am PowerSchool SIS is back up after an unplanned outage that started ~4pm 4/27.

5/19/23 7:30pm Today's PowerSchool maintenance is complete.

5/13/23 11am PowerSchool SIS upgrade to 23.3 is complete.

4/10/23 - PowerSchool's forecasted Monday night outage has been postponed to an unknown date.

4/8/2023 - The PowerSchool outage is over, and yesterday's Clever issues have been resolved.

  3/2/23 - PowerSchool issues continue. It works when connected to WPS_WiFi, but it doesn't work when you try to access it from off campus. The symptom is, on the logon screen, you get a message saying you need a browser with JavaScript installed and enabled. It's a problem for anyone who tries to access the admin, teacher, student, or parent portal from off campus.

11/7/22 - Munis is unavailable, 1:30pm until further notice.

10/26/22 - Frontline says the eSped issues are fixed. They ask that you clear your browser cache to ensure you get the latest files. If the issues don't seem fixed to you and you'd like to try that, you can get help from your building tech.

10/25/22 - eSped / Frontline Special Education is experiencing severe performance degradation.  It's been reported to Frontline, who is working on it.  Frontline offered this link as a temporary work-around, but it was not any better for Scott:  As of Wednesday morning, Frontline Support said it was fixed but it is not.

5/9/22 - Frontline Absence Management was down, now up. Seems to be a bit sluggish, but operational.

3/16/2022 - PowerSchool was down from 11:35-11:45.

3/14/2022 - Talent Ed and Employee Records were down until ~9:12 am, now back up.

12/29/2021 - PowerSchool and internet work complete as of 6pm.

12/14/2021 - PowerSchool restarted after maintenance for cve-2021-44228 Log4j

10/10/2021 - Restored PowerSchool database from 10/8 to restore grades from previous week lost by the 10/8 upgrade. Consequently, lost grades entered 10/9 & 10/10. Scott Henderson has them in a spreadsheet.

10/8/2021 - PowerSchool was successfully upgraded to 21.4

9/23/2021 - Student PowerSchool mobile app issue has been resolved, mobile app working for students.

9/20/2021 - PowerSchool was down ~8:32am-8:43am.

2/16/2021 - PowerSchool maintenance was completed successfully.

2/12/2021 - Munis ESS (Employee Self Service) is back up and operational as of 8am.

2/11/2021 - The issue sending Direct Deposit Notification emails has also been resolved. If you get those, you should have received one on Feb 11.