School Committee Goals 2020-2021

  1. Monitor trends and assess district and community impacts of COVID-19. Continue to collaborate with the Board of Health. Manage COVID-19 budget impacts for FY21.
  2. Evaluate and respond to the implementation of the district’s educational equity and non-discrimination policies  [JB: EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES; JBB: EDUCATIONAL EQUITY; AC: NONDISCRIMINATION], and the Westborough School Committee Anti-Racism Resolution [adopted July 22, 2020.]
  3. Finalize and approve the school district’s new five-year strategic plan. Complete unfinished items from the past plan.
  4. Enhance communication and nurture effective, strategic relationships with local and state government officials, town boards, and the community. Integrate school district needs with major areas of town functions and initiatives.
  5. Complete the FY22 annual budget process in a fiscally responsible manner that respects the values of our town while meeting our community’s educational mission and goals. Monitor COVID-19 impacts.
  6. Continue to utilize the data dashboard information to provide the community with a consistent and transparent set of benchmarks for comparison of our district performance with other communities.
  7. Successfully implement the construction and opening of the new Fales Elementary School. Continue to support community capital projects.


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