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Karen Bunton

Out of District Coordinator

& BORO Grade 12+

[email protected]

508-836-7703 ext. 2022

Charlene Miller

Student Services Coordinator

Armstrong School

[email protected]

508-836-7763 ext.2517(AES)

Deborah Harvell

Student Services Coordinator

Fales Elementary School

[email protected]

508-836-7720 ext.2605

Rachel Stanton

Student Services Coordinator

Hastings Elementary School

[email protected]

508-836-7750 ext.2717

Michele Palermo

Early Childhood Director

Westborough Early Childhood Center

[email protected]

508-836-7754 ext.2731

Aliza De Vincent

Student Services Coordinator

Gr. 4-5 Mill Pond School

[email protected]

508-836-7780 ext.2116


Gina Dalan

Student Services Coordinator Gr.6 Mill Pond School

[email protected]

508-836-7780 ext.2126

Meg Garvey

Student Services Coordinator

Gibbons Middle School

[email protected]
508-836-7740 ext.2808


Seth Hurvitz

Student Services Coordinator

Westborough High School

[email protected]

508-836-7720 ext. 3120



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December Awareness
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Dear Parents & Caregivers:

As we welcome Fall the Student Services Team is energized by their sense of renewal and deep commitment to your child’s social emotional and academic well being and engagement in the learning process.

Key learning and professional development initiatives in accordance with the WPS Strategic Plan for the 2022-23 school year provide an emphasis on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL supports strong collaboration with general, special, ESL educators, paraeducators, and specialists for the purpose of designing and delivering instruction that engages and empowers students to access the curriculum in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) based on their individual strengths and learning styles. 

The Westborough Student Services team provides a range of tiered resources, supports, and services to ensure that students develop the necessary skills to access the curriculum in the most inclusive and least restrictive learning environment (LRE). Utilizing a skill-based approach toward student learning fosters the development of the whole child, while maximizing individual student potential.

The Student Services Team is extremely grateful for the commitment, collaboration, and feedback that we receive from families and caregivers to further inform and improve our practice.  If questions arise, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher, special education liaison, counselor, or Student Services Coordinator.  Here is a direct link to the annual Parent's Notice of Procedural SafeguardsIf you have questions or concerns specific to your child’s IEP, or services, please feel free to contact your child’s school special education liaison.

A core value of the Westborough Public Schools is supporting the diversity, equity and inclusion of all students. Welcome to the new school year!



For family collaboration, support, and information please contact:

Westborough SEPAC


The Westborough Public Schools Child Find procedures (which are mandated by state and federal law) in accordance with Federal law IDEA (formerly PL 94-142) provides special education programs designed to meet the needs of children who are attending public schools as well as to support children who are attending private school at private expense and whose parents reside in the Westborough community.  A screening and/or evaluation is provided to children ages 3 through 21 who are unable to progress effectively in a regular education program due to a suspected disability consisting of a developmental delay, intellectual, sensory (hearing, vision, deaf/blind), neurological, Autism, emotional, communication, physical, specific learning disability, multiple or health impairment.

The Westborough Public Schools are committed to locating children before their third birthday in order to provide services for 3-and 4-year olds who may be eligible for special education. If you have questions or concerns, please call Sherrie Stevens, Ph.D., Director of Student Services at (508) 836-7700 ext. 2018.