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Currently our PK-3 schools are either at capacity or nearing capacity. A key project for us as a community is to respond thoughtfully to this growth in enrollment. In 2015 we proactively began assessing this need with a learning phase and data gathering phase. We conducted tours of the PK-3 schools for Town leaders, and School Committee worked collaboratively with Fincom, Planning Board, and Selectmen to hire a “Demographic, Enrollment Projections and School Capacity Assessment Report”.  This report, compiled by consultants HMFH Architects, provides clear data and ideas about our schools. The link to the full study report from HMFH can be found by clicking the Enrollment Study link on this page. It is an extensive report with 10-year population growth information on student enrollment.

Subsequently, the town voted the formation of a PreK-3 Building Committee, which has worked diligently to develop a plan of action that assures the town of having current, appropriate buildings for Westborough students. The decision was made to move forward with plans for an upgrade of the Fales Elementary School. A Statement of Interest (SOI) was submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in April 2016, and since then has been advancing through the steps for project approval and funding. In December 2017, Vertex Companies, Inc. was named as the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM), and HMFH Architects was selected as the Project Designer in the spring of 2018. In February 2019, the MSBA voted to approve the replacement of the existing Fales School with a new grades K-3 facility on the existing site. Upon approval by the town certifying its acceptance of the cost, site, type, scope, and timeline for the project, the MSBA and the town executed a Project Funding Agreement delineating the terms and conditions for receipt of the grant funding. The Town subsequently voted to proceed with the project, and a Detailed Design was created. Construction began in the Spring of 2020.
The new school is now well underway and is anticipated to open in the Fall of 2021, followed by demolition of the old school and site completion.

This site contains a range of documents that provide background information, as well as updates on progress toward completion of the Fales project.

Amber Bock
Superintendent of Schools