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The WHS athletic facilities play a vital role in the recreation and enjoyment of the the entire Westborough community including our high school and middle school athletic programs, town youth programs, physical education classes, school events, town events, and general public use.  Over the course of the last 4-5 years there has been discussion about the need to repair the aging athletic facilities. The Rangers on Track (TROT) Committee was formed in the Spring of 2016 at the request of the WPS School Committee and was charged with exploring possible upgrades and renovations to the existing track, artificial turf, bleachers, storage, and Upper Hayes Field at Westborough High School.  This page provides a review of the work of the committee and recommendations for completing the project, as well as background on the condition of the facilities to be renovated. Timeline of Work

NEASC Accreditation Report recommendation 2014- In the ten year review of Westborough High School by NEASC it was concluded in the NEASC Final Report (Conclusions pp. 59- 60)  that Town would need to develop a plan to replace the turf field and other outdoor facilities.

Strategic Plan 2015- The district wide Strategic Plan (Facilities, Goal 3) is approved by School Committee and outlines initial athletic facility goals and timelines.

February 2016- School Committee approved the hiring of Huntress Design Associates to lead the design and planning of the project.

March 2016- The first open community forum was held to gather ideas about the needs and wants for the project.

March 2016- The Rangers on Track Committee officially formed with community members, administrators, and staff.

May-June 2016- Rangers on Track meetings were held to discuss overall vision and mission of the project and committee.  Three subcommittees were formed- Publicity/Community Outreach, Construction and Design, and Fundraising.

August- November 2016- Fundraising began and the Master Plan  of potential range of options was delivered.  Fundraising included a Week of Lights Kickoff BBQ and the Westborough Turkey Trot.

December 2016- Huntress Design Associates signs contract to perform existing conditions surveying and geotechnical testing.

January-February 2017- Outreach survey released to the entire Westborough community.

March 2017- Survey results summarized and released to TROT committee.  

April 2017-May 2017- TROT committee, including subcommittees for Product/Infill and Lights/Landscaping, developed recommendations for School Committee report.

June 2017- School Committee to vote on the project proposal

October 2017- Town Meeting Vote

May-June 2018- Anticipated start of construction

Background Information

Existing Conditions:

· Our track is crumbling and deteriorating beyondrepair.

· The artificial Turf is 13 years old, far surpassing the industry life expectancy of 8-10 years. Many “blades” of grass are breaking off daily, materials are disintegrating, surface is becoming slippery, hard andunsafe.

· The bleachers and press box are out of date and are not ADAcompliant. We would like to have safe seats and accessibility for all of our guests andspectators.

· We have a major lack of storage for the athletics and facilities departments. We have been using portable storage trailers to store valuable and necessary equipment. More storage is needed for ourtrack and field equipment as well as for all of the machines used by our facilitiesdepartment.

· Upper Hayes field has no water and is not a usable competition space.

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The Master Plan:

In the Spring of 2016 the WPS School Committee authorized the hiring of Huntress Associates to create a Master Plan for the project. The plan includes all of what we COULD do to repair and improve our facility.

· Resurface the track in a new color including the “D” areas and add a straightaway with 8 lanes to the far side of thetrack.

· Replace the artificial turf.

· Replace the existing home bleachers- including adding a new walkway with handicap accessibility along the top of the hillside, and closed” style bleachers for added safety.

· Remove the visiting bleacher and replace that area with a storage shed and proper landscaping.

· Replace the press box with a one level handicap accessible press box including upgraded sound 
equipment with proper installation to reduce over-spill noise.

· Add field lighting to the turf/track area.

· Construct an artificial turf on the Jimmy Hayes field that is regulation size and able to host games.

 Improve landscaping for privacy screening to campus neighbors.

The total cost for all the items included inthe Master Plan would be approximately$3.5 million.
Decisions about whatitems will be included in the final project willbe based on a number of factors, including community input, funding sources,and School Committeedecisions.