Superintendent of Schools - Amber Bock

Dear Westborough Community,

It’s finally beginning to look and feel as though Spring is here! At this time of year, Spring curriculum updates are presented to the School Committee for their review. I’d like to share two of these with you.

The first report is the Health and Wellness Department’s presentation. This annual update includes a link to the WHS PE website, which has information on new HS courses planned for 2018-19, as well the curricula for the middle and elementary schools.

The second is the report on the World Languages, Math, and Science programs. This report highlights changes that have been implemented this year, including the new Natural Science and Engineering: Theory in Practice course that was required for all Freshmen. Additionally, a decrease in enrollment in World Languages has prompted a review of how languages are being taught. Students’ primary reason for studying a language is to be able to speak it. Program changes are being considered that will emphasis listening and speaking skills in addition to those pertaining to grammar, reading, and writing.

I look forward to providing you with additional updates to these and other programs as we continue our work in implementing the curricular goals as articulated in the district’s long-range strategic plan.


Amber Bock, Superintendent