New Student Registration

PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT (508-836-7700) prior to coming to the new office at: 200 Friberg Parkway, 4th floor, Westborough, MA

Student Registration Process

If you are a resident of the Town of Westborough and want to register a child to attend the Westborough Public Schools please follow the steps listed below. Westborough Public Schools does not participate in the state's School Choice Program.

Please note that children must be five years of age on or before September 1st of the year in which they enter Kindergarten and must be six years of age on or before the year in which they are to enter Grade 1. We have tuition based full day kindergarten and a free half day kindergarten.

In addition, students arriving from other countries are placed in a grade level commensurate with their chronological peers.  For example, students having completed Grade 4 in another country will only be placed in Grade 5 in our schools if they are within the same age range as our Grade 5 students.  If their age is within the age range of our Grade 4 students then that student will be placed in Grade 4.  Please Click Here to see the Entrance Age Chart.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Donna Latraverse:

Donna Latraverse Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent 508-836-7700 ext. 2024

Please Complete Steps one through four before making an appointment with Donna Latraverse to register your child.

Step One:
Please gather these required documents:

1. Original Birth Certificate or Passport - Photocopies will not be accepted.

2. Proof of all Massachusetts Public School Required Immunizations

3. A copy of current year physical examination

4. Most current grades to date

5. Last report card for student's grades 1-9

6. Official Transcript grades 9-12

7. IEP (if applicable)

8. Special Education Evaluations/Testing (if applicable)

9. MCAS if transferring from in state public schools

10. 504 (if applicable)

11. Custody papers showing physical/sole custody (if applicable)

12. Restraining order (if applicable)

Step Two:

Please download and complete the following forms.

1. Proof of Residency. Click to download Occupancy Statement/Affidavit. Please complete the statement and bring in the proper proof of residency documents.

2. If you need a Landlord/Owner of Property Statement Affidavit Click here.

3. Authorization to Release Student Records Click to download

4. High School Students Only click to download the Athletics Transfer Form.

5. Parent Registration Form. Click to download.

6. Student Registration Form. Please complete one for each child you will register. Click to download.

7A. Home Language Survey. Please complete one for each child you will register. Click to download.
7B. Click Here for language translations.

8. Click here to download Caregiver Authorization Affidavit if Applicable.

Step Three:

Please gather and complete the health forms. These must be submitted and approved by a nurse before a student can begin school.

1.    You will need immunization records and a copy of a physical exam from the current calendar year.

2.    Click here to view the required Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements.

3.    Click here to download the required Health Care Provider's Examination Form.

4.    Click here to download the TB PEDIATRIC RISK ASSESSMENT FORM school nurses request this be completed by physician.

5.    You will also need to complete the Student Health Information Form.

6.   We expect all sophomores, juniors, and seniors to have a laptop or tablet for their exclusive use to bring to school every day.  This letter provides details about our Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD). After reading the information in this letter please click here and complete this BYOD form.

School Information:

Westborough High School: Principal: Mr. Brian Callaghan Front Office Telephone: 508-836-7720

Gibbons Middle School: Principal: Mr. Jack Foley Front Office Telephone: 508-836-7740

Mill Pond Intermediate School: Principal: Ms. Suzanne Kenny Front Office Telephone: 508-836-7780

Armstrong Elementary: Principal: Mr. John Mendes Front Office Telephone: 508-836-7760

Fales Elementary School: Principal: Ms. Maryann Stannard Front Office Telephone: 508-836-7770

Hastings Elementary School: Principal: Ms. Leigh Becker Front Office Telephone:508-836-7750

Please call the school nurse if you need any assistance.

  1. Westborough High School 9-12: 508-836-7720

  2. Gibbons Middle School 7-8: 508-836-7740

  3. Mill Pond School 4-6: 508-836-7780

  4. Armstrong Elementary School K-3: 508-836-7760

  5. Fales Elementary School K-3: 508-836-7770

  6. Hastings Elementary School K-3: 508-836-7750

Step Four:

Once you have completed steps one through four, please contact Donna Latraverse to schedule an appointment and bring in your documentation. The Registration Office is located at: 200 Friberg Parkway, Westborough - 4th floor Suite 4000.

Donna Latraverse Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent 508-836-7700 ext. 2024