Extended Day Program

2016 - 2017 Extended Day Program
Before and After School Care for Grades K-6

The Westborough Community Education Extended Day Program (EDP) is a tuition supported before and after school child care program run under the auspices of the Westborough Public Schools. All net revenue generated from programs run by Westborough Community Education is given to support the Westborough School Disctrict's general fund.

The Extend Day Program is offered in all three K-3 schools and at the Mill Pond School for grades 4-6. Each program is staffed with two lead coordinators, who are assisted by students from Westborough High School. A ratio of 1:13 is maintained at all EDP sites.

Each EDP provides a safe, fun, and welcoming environment which promotes each child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. The coordinators plan a variety of well-balanced, age-appropriate activities which extend the child's learning opportunities and foster appropriate interactions with peers and adults. A typical daily routine at the EDP includes: snack time, group meeting, playground and/or gym time, homework/read aloud time, project time, and inside or outside unstructured opportunities at the end of each day. Movies are also often shown on Friday afternoons.

Program Locations:

Armstrong: Cafeteria
Fales: Cafeteria/stage
Hastings: Cafeteria/stage
Mill Pond: Rm C043


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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Tax ID: 046 001 355 (Provider: Town of Westborough)

Program Rates:

Morning Hours: 7:00-8:30 am
Full-Time Monthly Rate:    $171/month
Daily/Drop-In AM Rate:     $9.50/day
**Mill Pond Monthly Rate: $52/month
**Mill Pond Daily Rate:     $3.50/day

Afternoon Hours: After School - 6:00 pm
Full-Time Monthly Rate:     5 days/week: $424.50
Part-Time Monthly Rates:   4 days/week: $378.00
                                        3 days/week: $285.00
                                        2 days/week: $190.50
                                        1 day/week:  $95.25
All of the above rates are for set schedules.

Drop-In Tution Rate:  $25 per day

Early Release Day Rates
Dismissal - 3:00 pm:  $25
Dismissal - 6:00 pm:  $36

Vacation/Holiday/Professional Day Rates
7:30 am - 6:00 pm:   $46.50

 Holidays and Observations

Holiday Observed Extended Day Program Open/Closed
 Labor Day: 9/5  CLOSED
 Early Release Day: 9/30  Early Release Program Offered
 Rosh Hashanah: 10/3  Full-Day Program Offered
 Columbus Day: 10/10  CLOSED
 Yom Kippur: 10/12  Full-Day Program Offered
 Early Release Day: 10/26  Early Release Program Offered
 Early Release Day: 10/27  Early Release Program Offered
 Professional Development Day: 11/8  Full-Day Program Offered
 Veterans' Day: 11/11  CLOSED
 Early Release Day: 11/23  EDP open dismissal - 3:00 pm
 Thanksgiving: 11/24 & 11/25  CLOSED
 Early Release Day: 12/9  Early Release Program Offered
 Early Release Day: 12/23  EDP open dismissal - 3:00 pm
 Winter Break: 12/26, 12/27  CLOSED
 Winter Break: 12/28, 12/29  Full-Day Program Offered
 Winter Break: 12/30  CLOSED
 New Year's Day Observed: 1/2  CLOSED
 Early Release Day: 1/13  Early Release Program Offered
 Martin Luther Kind, Jr Day: 1/16  CLOSED
 1-Hour Early Release Day: 2/1  Early Release Program Offered
 Presidents' Day: 2/20  CLOSED
 Winter Break: 2/21, 2/22, 2/23, 2/24  Full-Day Programs Offered
 Professional Development Day: 3/13  Full-Day Program Offered
 Good Friday: 4/14  CLOSED
 Patriots' Day: 4/17  CLOSED
 Spring Break: 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/21  Full-Day Programs Offered
 Early Release Day: 5/12  Early Release Program Offered
 Memorial Day: 5/29  CLOSED
 Last day of school  Early Release Program Offered