Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues and Community Members,

We are pleased to present the Westborough Public Schools’ Long Range Strategic Plan, with a
vision toward the year 2020 and working collaboratively to plan toward the future. After a year of speaking with faculty, families, and various groups, reviewing our strengths and challenges, and working extensively with Westborough’s Leadership Team, it is exciting to compile a document that roadmaps the vision and ideas of our district.

While not exhaustive in its inclusiveness of our work, this plan provides a fairly comprehensive
outline of major projects and initiatives that are either already underway at WPS, or planned for our near future efforts. Having a document such as this serves the purpose of transparently sharing with the community and our colleagues what we are committed to accomplishing, as well as providing clarity on areas on which we are NOT focusing for now. Holding some things at bay is as essential as achieving shared goals. With the onslaught of initiatives and pressures from all arenas, a district that can be anchored in common goals is best prepared to withstand disruptions to its mission.

As a district grounded in the core values of our six schools and our fine arts and athletics, our
mission is to educate Westborough’s children, with the relationships between faculty and students as the centerpiece of our approach. The contributions of faculty, staff, and parents, each bringing the pieces that make up the complete picture of our accomplishments are vital. Symbolized in the completed puzzle of a graduation photo, this document visualizes our efforts to do our best work for Westborough families.

Over the next several years this document will guide our shared purpose. It is a living document that will be continually reviewed and revisited each year. We welcome your support in implementing its vision, and look forward to sharing a bold and energetic approach to the
challenges and opportunities our district faces in the coming years.

Amber Bock
Superintendent of Westborough Public Schools