News and Notes Guidelines


“News and Notes” Guidelines

As a service to the community, the Westborough Public Schools will post a current listing of news and information related to various events or activities that may be of interest to our families and children.  The title of all events included in our “News and Notes” will appear under the What’s Happening section of our district website, along with each of our schools. “News and Notes” will replace the “Virtual Backpack” that was previously used to distribute information from the schools.

In order to be included in the bulletin, the event or activity must take place in Westborough and be sponsored by a non-profit organization. Typically these announcements will be from groups promoting athletic, cultural, recreational, and social activities for our students and their families.

Information that is relevant to only a particular school or schools (e.g., PTO announcements), should be sent directly to the school’s Technology Specialist.  The school principals will make any final decisions as to the relevance of any posting.

The protocol for utilizing the school district’s “News and Notes” service is as follows:

1. Community events and news information that is relevant to a particular school, should ONLY appear on that school’s “News and Notes”  section of the website.  (Community wide events must first be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent’s office for approval, in order to appear on any of the districts’ websites.)

2. Event information will be submitted to: Donna Latraverse:

3. Create a descriptive title of no more than 10 words (including the date when the event will take place). Only this descriptive title will appear on the “News and Notes” page and it will be hyperlinked to a website or a PDF.  The PDF must be supplied with the description.

4. The School Department is not responsible for editing blurbs, flyers, etc. for content, grammar, or spelling, nor is it responsible for the content of any website connected to a link provided, however, the School Department may edit items for brevity, clarity, etc. at it’s discretion.

5. If the event posting is to appear over the course of several weeks, it MUST BE RE-SUBMITTED EACH WEEK, in order for it to appear under the most current postings.  There is no deadline for submissions as they are added as they are vetted.