Superintendent of Schools - Amber Bock

Dear Westborough Community,

It is hard to believe that we are already well into the middle of January. This is the time of year when all of our planning and goals are in full swing. There is an important productivity to this time of year for both students and colleagues. At the district level we are working on important initiatives that were outlined in the Strategic Plan and were developed into action items during summer work and planning.

Currently we have committees working on social emotional learning initiatives, as well as a district wide look at K-6 literacy practices and interventions. We are in the active implementation phase of changes to our social studies curriculums, as well as potential implementation of tuition-free kindergarten, which was the outcome of committee recommendations last year.

The School Committee approved the recommended budget and the budget book for FY21 has been submitted. We now begin preparations for the March Annual Town Meeting, where we will seek its full approval. A warrant article supporting the move to tuition-free kindergarten will be an important part of our budget process at this upcoming Town Meeting. Please continue to look for updates regarding Kindergarten and our budget preparation as we prepare for Town Meeting. 


Amber Bock